Www naruto dating games com

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Www naruto dating games com

But, after an "accidental" encounter, will things start to heat up? Summary: Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the hottest playboy in Konoha High. They slowly looked at the digital clock that sat idly next to the bed. After finally settling in the new home, she had to get settled to going to a new school.Meet new student Haruno Sakura, a former playgirl who quickly regains her title. She smirked remembering the times in her old school.Ehh, this is for all you Naruto fangirls out there. )Anyways, I was experimenting with dating sims and decided to do this.

The blinding light of the sun was hitting her eyes and all she could manage to see was the person's spiky raven hair and it's piercing onyx eyes. After she checked on the kitchen counter and saw it lying there idly.She headed over to her black convertible Cadillac and sat in the drivers' seat.She the engine revved as she twisted the keys in the ignition, driving towards Konoha High as she followed the directions her parents left for her as to where the school would be. " Sakura answered."Heh, I guess you can all it that. " Naruto said putting a hand behind his head, smiling sheepishly.Sakura sighed and walked over to the counter and picked it up.She examined the pink rhinestones formed in the shape of a cherry blossom design on her phone, flipping it open to see if she missed anything.

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Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the hottest playboy in Konoha High. Today was the day that 17-year-old Haruno Sakura would be going to Konoha High.

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