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When Jack kisses Lily for the first time (“She tasted of smoky marshmallow and good wine, of the past and of forbidden love”), she is weak with desire.Yet she resists his advances until page 128, when “she wanted—no, she to feel his heavy weight over her body, his total possession of her.” Lily succumbs to Jack’s charms, which are eerily similar to her father’s.Well, you can see why critical theorists are having a field day with this stuff.

when his mother confronts her about her past, she says she's not going to apologize and stands her ground but apparently the public eye is more important to her than his mother's opinion or the male main's feelings.The way I see it, if you can’t be honest with someone you think you want to have a relationship with, then either you’re not an honest person or that relationship just isn’t worth it.While visiting the Amalfi coast, travel consultant Sabrina is almost run over by a stately luxury car.She rebelled wildly against her father, going to parties, dating a bunch of guys, drinking ect. She also seems to have an obsession with the fact that he's rich and has a noble title in addition to being a doctor.Almost as though it was the only thing that mattered.

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The Male main had an ex-wife who looked like her, but from the very beginning, when she found out, despite their similarities, he clearly tells her on multiple occasions that they only look alike physically and that his ex wife put him through hell and she is nothing like that.

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