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Platt may not have a girlfriend (that we know of) in real life, but he does have a love interest on stage in the Tony Award-winning musical, .The play is about an anxiety-plagued teen (Platt), who is paralyzed by the connectivity of social media and is forced to watch the world from the outside, while he looks in.as West Coasters sweltered in 100-degree-plus heat, movie starlets strolled through a shower of artificial snow that’s guaranteed not to melt—even on Hollywood’s sun-baked ground.But it doesn’t provide any relief from the heat as Dani Crayne, Mayra Hansen, Jane Howard, Gia Scala, Lili Kardell, Karen Kadler, and Leigh Snowden quickly learned; the gals are photographed walking through the “snow” in shorts.

T’s last three plays, the latest being Oslo, each one surpassing its predecessor toward his mastery of entertaining us, moving us and making us laugh while making us think.

Mimi Lien from Pig Iron won best scenic design for a musical for in 2012.

In general, the telecast was lively, with Spacey doing impressions of people from Johnny Carson to ex-President Bill Clinton.

All that’s asked in return is that you write the greatest possible work you can. What a gift.” Many of the Tony nominees were up for awards for the first time – evidence of the young talent now working on Broadway.

And some of them were names and faces familiar to Philadelphia theatergoers.

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is first runner-up to Christiane Martel in the "Miss Universe" contest in Long Beach, California.