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The Council will also ensure proper location and addresses of all tour operators and facilitate their licensing procedures.

Unlicensed tour companies are not permitted to operate in Bhutan.

During festivals however, the arrangements should be made six weeks in advance.

The spring and autumn festivals are the peak times for tourism in Bhutan, and without early reservations, it's often difficult to confirm flight and hotel reservations.

This has been implemented through a government-regulated tourist tariff policy.

The Government has pledged to take swift and determined action against violators.

Our Honorable Prime Minister has appealed to the tourism fraternity to promote and preserve our national identity through wearing our national dress to individual private offices.

For a small country like Bhutan, tourism takes on a special significance.

The country believes that tourism, in affording the opportunity to travel, can help promote an understanding among people from different corners of the world and build closer ties of friendship based on appreciation and mutual respect for different cultures and lifestyles.

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The meeting between all the tour Operators and the honorable Lyonchhen Prime Minister of Bhutan was convened on 24th February, 2010 paving the way for several major outcomes: The government is committed to the policy of 'High Value, Low Impact', minimal or no negative impact which does not undermine culture, promotes ecological conservation, equitable distribution of tourism benefits and social harmony.