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Scruffs gay dating

They walked around in Post 9, Ipanama’s gay-friendly area, and spoke with people about the app.

They held signs with our logo and hashtag #Jogue No Nosso Time (#Play On Our Team).

The significance of this hashtag is derived from a campaign we launched in 2015.

We bought two 48-by-14-foot digital billboards near Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium, which hosted the NFL’s Super Bowl that year.

Trump’s highest share of support from GBTQ men can be found in Louisiana and Wyoming, where 28.3% and 27.8% are pro-Trump, respectively. Here are other key findings from Scuff’s survey: – 79% of respondents believe Hillary Clinton supports LGBTQ rights, compared to 12% of Donald “Ask the Gays” Trump believers.

Ryan's experience was exciting to hear about and reinforced that Scruff goes beyond just dating and hooking up.– 62.3% disagree that race relations have improved under President Obama. has a moral responsibility to take in Syrian refugees. – 84.5% disagree that the fight for LGBTQ rights is “mostly over.” – 94% disagree that the fight for transgender rights is “mostly over.” – 85.6% believe marijuana should be legalized. To our excitement, the agency provided us with a few scruffy-looking brand ambassadors to walk around Rio and its public spaces, including beaches, plazas, and outdoor cafés.Pedro and the models took to the streets dressed in Scruff swag, passed out water bottles, promo codes, and merchandise.

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The billboards featured two guys in a locker room holding footballs with a caption that read “Play on Our Team!

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