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Becky Mitchell, a 40-year-old Environment Agency worker from Bristol, was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.The level-two qualified fitness instructor knew something wasn't right when she started experiencing unusual symptoms in the late Spring of 2012.'I'm usually very healthy and full of energy, so very in tune with my body – I notice the smallest changes.I wouldn't say I was relaxed about the prospect, but I really wasn't in a bad way.I went to my GP for a test and a month later got the news that I was indeed HIV-positive.Slowly friends and others from the village came up to me to give me a hug, buy me a drink and offer their support.I was tested positive for HIV two days later at Salisbury Hospital.

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada and several other countries have domestic violence provisions in their immigration policy to protect immigrants who are subjected to domestic abuse.

So when I started feeling fluey, with muscular and joint aching, along with swollen lymph nodes, I knew something wasn't right.

I then did some research online and really had an inkling because of my symptoms that I might be HIV-positive.

Chris Smith, the former Chief Executive at the Environment Agency where I work is openly HIV-positive, so it was something I was familiar with.

I also knew how far medicine had advanced in the past couple of decades, so it really isn't the tragedy so many people assume it is.

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EUROPE (Eastern & Western): One of the main concerns for a DV victim is often there is a child involved and they want to ensure the child’s safety should the victim leave the abuser.