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Javier Cabrera, Cultural Anthropologist for Ica, Peru, discovered many hundreds of ceremonial burial stones in the tombs of the ancient Incas. Cabrera, carrying on his father’s work, has collected more than 1,100 of these andesite stones, which are estimated to be between 500 and 1,500 years old and have become known collectively as the Ica Stones.The stones bear etchings, many of which are sexually graphic (which was common to the culture), some picture idols and others depict such practices as open-heart surgery and brain transplants.The ships were piloted by people who called themselves the Dropa, and the remains of whose descendents, possibly, were found in the cave.Criticism of the Dropa Stones: Beginning in the 1930s, the father of Dr.Another fossilized human hand discovered in Bogota (Columbia), belonging to Gutierrez collection.The rock which contains it is 100-130 millions of years old.

And what appears to be the fossil of a human footprint, possibly wearing a sandal, was found near Delta, Utah in a shale deposit estimated to be 300 million to 600 million years old.

Consider these astonishing finds : Over the last few decades, miners in South Africa have been digging up mysterious metal spheres ( aka Klerksdorp spheres).

Origin unknown, these spheres measure approximately an inch or so in diameter, and some are etched with three parallel grooves running around the equator.

Humans were not even around 65 million years ago, never mind people who could work metal.

So then how does science explain semi-ovoid metallic tubes dug out of 65-million-year-old Cretaceous chalk in France?

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