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Profitability of dating websites

The home page of Trump’s Dumps takes some literary license with splices of President Trump’s inaugural address (see the above screenshot for the full text): “WE, THE CITIZENS OF DARK WEB, ARE NOW JOINED IN A GREAT NATIONAL EFFORT TO REBUILD OUR COMMUNITY AND RESTORE ITS PROMISE FOR ALL OF OUR PEOPLE.” TOGETHER, WE WILL DETERMINE THE COURSE OF CARDING AND THE BLACKHAT COMMUNITY FOR MANY, MANY YEARS TO COME. Those clues suggest the criminals behind Trump’s Dumps are massively into stealing credit card data that fuels both card-present and online fraud.

In the “contacts” section of Trump’s Dumps the proprietors list three Jabber instant messenger IDs. That site is not currently active, but Web site registration records for the domain show it is tied to the email address “[email protected]” A reverse WHOIS website registration record search ordered from [full disclosure: Domaintools is an advertiser on this blog] shows that this email address is associated with at least 15 other domains.

The Vikings lived from the late eighth to the early eleventh century and their relatively short history had had a massive impact on western society.

Misconception: The Vikings were a nation The Vikings were not one nation but different groups of warriors, explorers and merchants led by a chieftain.

For example, it is very easy for employees to chat with employees from rival companies.

Many have attributed social networks to the breakdown of professionalism in the workplace.

According to Risk IQ, the attacks targeted online stores running outdated and unpatched versions of shopping cart software from Magento, Powerfront and Open Cart.

When considering, "what are social networks used for," keep in mind that they can be in use for many things, good and bad.Most of those domains appear to have been registered to look like legitimate Javascript calls that many e-commerce sites routinely make to process transactions, such as “js-link[dot]su,” “js-stat[dot]su,” and “js-mod[dot]su” (the full list is in this PDF).A Google search on those domains produces a report from security firm Risk IQ, which explains how those domains featured prominently in a series of hacking campaigns against e-commerce websites dating back to March 2016.Sites like Trump’s Dumps can be taken offline — by forcing a domain name registrar to revoke the domain — but the people responsible for running this shop have already registered a slew of similar domains and no doubt have fresh bulletproof hosting standing by in case their primary domain is somehow seized. For now, I’m disinclined to believe much about a dox supposedly listing the Trump’s Dumps administrator’s various contacts that was released by one of his competitors in the cybercrime underground.Also, like many other modern carding sites this one has versions of itself running on the Dark Web — sites that are only accessible using Tor and are far more difficult to force offline. However, there are some interesting clues that tie Trump’s Dumps to a series of hacking attacks on e-commerce providers over the past year.

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The intruders tinkered with the GOP Committee site’s HTML code to insert calls to domains like “jquery-cloud[dot]net” to hide the fact that they were stealing all credit card data that donors submitted via the Web site. You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.