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Prevent java 6 from updating

After doing so, use the Microsoft uninstaller to clean up any Java fragments. The Web installer for Java tends to be a little bit buggy.

In order to perform all of these steps you’ll need to have PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy both running in Pro mode or higher.If the Java Control Panel is missing, the problem is often related to a conflict with Java FX or legacy Java code.In these situations, you should use the Windows Control Panel to remove any instances of Java.(You can get a free trial of PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy.) Oracle stores the Auto Update configuration in the Windows Registry.This means we need to scan the registries on our Windows computers.

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The method of doing so will depend on the antivirus product you are using, but often it is possible to right-click on the antivirus software's taskbar icon and choose a pause option from a shortcut menu.

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