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I was so easy and he was such a gentleman and knew what to say to get me hot! He immediately responded that he was in his apartment, he just worked out, he was naked and he was hard. Covered in my saliva, he dropped his hand, told me to reach down and spread my ass. "I don't have lots of time" he grunted, "get on the bed, ass up, face down and hold that ass open." I ran to the bedroom and did as I was told! Please don't split me and hurt me." "no worries, I want you and your slutty sissy ass back here every day for lunch. It was my first cumload, but certainly not my last!

He needed, no he required a mouth or ass to drain his balls. Fortunately, Nick had thought ahead, he had Kleenex and lube right on his night stand. He told me he had an 8 inch thick dick and always came in gallons. You need to train your boipussy to take cock and your mouth to suck dick.

I looked between my legs and saw the evidence, I was constantly leaking pre-cum. I wanted to be a gurl, tiny cockette, big tits, take hormones, be a whore. I could feel him harden even more, he was balls deep in me.

Mostly I met men that only wanted me to get a room, tell them the number and they would stop by and I'd blow them. We would dress, comment on each other's clothes and tease each other.Holy shit, boys and girls, this is what is called a quivering spastic orgasm.She is very pretty with such a great ass and she really looks like she is hardly old enough for puberty. I can't wait any longer," I moaned, as I spread my legs and placed my hands over my erect nipples.This happened a few years ago, but I fondly remember the day.

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Sometime we would get really HOT and we'd end up stroking ourselves until we squirted.

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