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I also enjoy hearty doses of self-depreciating humor, and realize my levels of nonsense are no worse and only different from anyone else’s.With no one to blame, I delve into self-reflection.While uncomfortable, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.It breeds wholeness, confidence and an indescribable clarity. On the practical side, it is difficult to love without the growth of expectations.This is actually another one of Christian’s requests – ha!When we would go on dates earlier in our relationship, we always dressed up for each other and of course over the years there is a little less effort when you see each other every day vs. Just the act of getting ready and knowing it was done for each other (not for a wedding, girls night, church, etc.). Sometimes this involves traveling somewhere new that we’ve never been.

), also love it in black and white | denim shorts (run TTS), also have and love these, similar look for less here | hat | similar swim trunks here and want to buy C these Thanks so much for reading and if you have any suggestions on this topic of keeping it fresh – I’d love to hear!

I’ve not mastered this idea, but that’s why they call it practice. I’m constantly in a state of becoming unapologetically and completely cool with myself as I am now…

not someday, when I am better, faster, and stronger.

I think we all have so much to learn from each other when we take the time to open up.

I don’t particularly like not having a primary partner to share this wild and fascinating human experience with, but I don’t mind being “alone” so much.

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It just shows that little bit of extra time and thought, wanting to look our best for each other. what’s better than walking around before or after dinner holding hands? Something so simple, yet can evoke those early warm and fuzzies. Other times it’s making a list of things we want to do – ice skate together, take a cooking class, see an outdoor movie, go to a concert.