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Men’s coach: Let’s move forward and grow from this challenge.I understand where you’re coming from and I feel the pain you feel and have solved it for myself and many others without any drugs, taking years or costing you a fortune in healthcare.

To finally free you of the bullshit story holding you back all of these years…Let’s be honest here: Luke wouldn’t be Luke without Obi Wan…Marcus Aurelius wouldn’t be Marcus without Epictetus…Tony Robbins wouldn’t be Tony without Jim Rohn…And you’re crazy to think you’re any different.You need someone to talk to who doesn’t just listen but helps you move forward Therapists, counselors and psychiatrists will listen to you, give you drugs, and put you in a circle of other sobbing individuals who have not recovered from their pain and are still living in the past.They don’t stand for your greatness, values or challenge you to become the strongest version of yourself. Truthfully you know within minutes of meeting your therapist, counselor or psychiatrist that they aren’t going to work.Ever sat alone and thought about all of the glorious things you wanted to be as a kid… Even now, do you feel unsatisfied, frustrated and tired of the monotony of life…yet you know that you could be so much more if you only had the chance?

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Instead we numb ourselves with instant gratification activities and mindless entertainments of the 21st century. Why is it that the males are depicted today on TV as Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, and Peter Griffon…?