Interfaith dating for jewish men is farah fath dating

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One can be a Jew and a Christian –or a Jew and a Hindu –without a sense of contradiction.They are not seen by many Jews (and Christians or Hindus) as competing narratives.If we included those, which are now quite common, then we have an perspective of even greater exogamy.As a basis, here is an encyclopedia survey on intermarriage among Jews in the United States.I once asked a leading Jewish sociologist involved in producing some of the recent surveys –and currently placing his bets on Orthodoxy-: How many Orthodox Jews are intermarrying?His answer was that they are no-longer Orthodox so he has no such statistic.How about how many day school graduates have intermarried?To which he answered that he does not deal with such statistics.

However, from my class lists from the 1990’s, I have a rough anecdotal sense that about 7-8% of my former students from committed day schools living in the center of Jewish life have intermarried.I know several of the other Orthodox parents whom Ruvie mentions that are dealing with children who have recently entered a mixed marriage.This is not about blame and little could have been different since these were highly committed families.Wuthnow finds that such couples tend to deemphasize the doctrinal aspects that differentiate their faiths and embrace the view that religions are essentially cultural traditions rooted in personal biography and private opinion.He also notes that mixed-married couples understand that their childhood more traditional clergy will not perform a mixed-marriage, but they do not care since there are plenty of progressive clergy who will.

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