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* To streamline your quest, we looked at some popular apps and rated them on these categories: whether its users are typically looking for a serious commitment, the time required to set up a profile, how long the "courtship" period lasts before users meet and the number of daily matches that are delivered. COFFEE MEETS BAGELThe ratings Users are looking for a rather committed relationship but don't want to fill out extensive questionnaires to find their perfect match.They want to meet potential dates face to face rather quickly, and they'd like one potential match a day.Tinder is linked to Facebook, so users can easily upload head shots from their account and are able to see shared friends and interests.After you've signed up The premise is pretty superficial: Users make snap judgments based on photos, swiping right to approve a potential match and left to bypass one.After you've signed up Users judge each other based primarily on individual head shots.The stats The niche app tops 1.2 million active users, who exchange more than 30 million messages daily.Yet, according to the Pew study, 21 percent of Internet users agree with the statement: "People who use online dating sites are desperate." Pew notes that's an 8 percentage-point decline from 2005.

* If your answer was, "no, but I'm looking," your phone is a good place to search.

How it works The app uses Facebook networks to match potential dates.

Users fill out a bare-bones profile, with some multiple-choice questions about religion, ethnicity and age range, plus a few fill-in-the-blank statements, such as "I appreciate when a date is..." that must be completed in 150 characters or less.

Ben, also working at a nonprofit group, said the relative anonymity of dating websites, where only other members of the sites can see a fellow user's name and photo, is a benefit.

He doesn't think we're at a place yet where potential bosses or girlfriends who might search his name on Google would be open-minded about seeing it tied to Tinder."More and more people are having those conversations," he said.

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GROUPERHow it works Users sign up through Facebook and pick a trio of friends; Grouper plans a meeting with a set of three other friends at a local bar.

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  1. Or have you ever installed a free download and noticed that your computer is suddenly sluggish because, unbeknownst to you, a program is now tracking your online movements?