Google latitude friends not updating

Posted by / 05-Sep-2017 12:11

Is Google parsing all your friends' and family's location useful, or terrifying?Ask i Lounge offers readers the opportunity to get answers to their i Pod-, i Phone-, i Pad-, i Tunes-, or Apple TV-related questions from a member of the i Lounge editorial team.Google unveiled a new set of features for its popular Maps app that lets users share their locations with friends and contacts in real time.Thanks to this update, Google Maps users will now be able to quickly let friends know if they're running late to a meeting or stuck in traffic. And if you're wondering why Google hadn't thought of this earlier, the answer is: It did.The new hot gadget du jour is an eavesdropping microphone-speaker device with an innocent name like Alexa that consumers voluntarily put in their kitchens to get quick weather updates and sports scores.It's not the first time we've seen a once controversial tech product resurface in new packaging a few years later to a much warmer reception.

The world has changed since 2009 when Google first tried this.

We expect it will be coming to the i Phone, through Google Mobile App, very soon.

Interesting that it's coming to the App Store available Google Mobile App (which added the Voice Search feature recently) and not the built in Google Maps app (which Apple develops and would require a firmware release to update).

More importantly, it's a good time to reflect and take stock of what we give up (and what we gain) every time we embrace the latest life-changing tech toys and services.

As a chronically late person, one of my worst habits is telling people I'm late to meet that I'm "just around the corner" when in reality I'm not even close (five blocks counts, right? Google just unveiled a new location sharing feature that allows friends to share their location inside of Maps and it could help users keep their obnoxiously-late friends accountable.

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The friends you've shared with are then sent a link that opens inside Google Maps and shows your location as you finish your trip.

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