Dating didcot oxfordshire

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Dating didcot oxfordshire

He was sent by him as an envoy to the King of Scots but, after Henry III's victory at the Battle of Evesham, he had to flee into the forest as an outlaw - but not before he had raided Didcot and taken away animals worth 10 marks (6-13s-4d).He lived a Robin Hood-type life in Epping and other forests of the home counties until pardoned in 1267.The manor was closely associated with the Honour of Wallingford and the De Maras had to pay for or provide half a knight's service or two mounted sergeants-at-arms to defend the castle.Hugh's son, Geoffrey, was involved in a long court case with his neighbour at Kingston and, though he won, had to mortgage Didcot to Bonchose the Jew (from Oxford) to cover his costs.Her new husband was David de Uffington, a servant of the Bishop of London.Along with his step-son, Robert le Blunt, he became a follower of Simon de Montfort during the Baronial War of 1262-7.Didcot is a very ancient settlement which has been occupied since at least the early Iron Age.There may have been a Romano-British village just east of the parish church where pottery, jewelry, coins, a Roman coffin and possible foundations have been discovered.

Another important family in the parish were the Brunces from Harwell and Sutton Courtenay.There is said to have been some fighting in Didcot itself.Henry gave the manor to Hugh de Mara, whose other main home was at Kingston in Oxfordshire.They didn't live in Didcot but employed stewards to run the estate.The first of these were members of the De Didcot family who owned an important farm in the village, hence their name.

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Didcot is a Saxon name too, traditionally associated with King Didan of Upper Wessex, the father of St. The name means 'Didan's Cottage,' presumably a retreat away from his main power base.

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