Dating a hooters girl

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It all depended on how they viewed you as a person.

Most of the regulars were men, and some of them had a lot of money.

I have to imagine that these women who treat us so poorly do it out of resentment, jealousy and anger. I don’t get any more pleasure out of your boyfriend ogling me than you do, and it wasn’t my idea for you to come here tonight.

I get it -- you don’t want to watch your boyfriend order his burger into a pair of double Ds that aren’t yours, in a restaurant swarming with more butt-wedgies and tits than an MTV Spring Break, while you sit there fully clothed. If you’re uncomfortable, don’t pretend to be fine just to appease your boyfriend or be the “cool girlfriend” (ew).

It was in this fashion that I cruised into Rocky Top -- hair in a messy bun, no bra under my worn camisole, a pair of brightly patterned stretch pants hanging from my hips, and a car full of clothes, pictures and yellowed books with dog-eared pages.

Prescriptions, paperwork and car information littered the front seat -- I tried to keep my life organized, but it's nearly impossible when you uproot yourself every nine months for the next great adventure.

The thick spandex waistband dug into your hips and you had two choices – sling ‘em low and deal with the muffin top or pull ‘em up high and make your hips and ass look like a big orange balloon.

The customers are the best and worst part of the job.

Of the fifty or so women I worked with, I could count on one hand the girls who were trying to make some type of career out of modeling, entertainment, or anything Hooters-related.

Their hair bounced along with their boobies and they smiled when they brought my buffalo wings.

When they weren’t busy bouncing, they perched over tables, giggling and talking, or gathered in clumps, hula hooping and cursing and laughing with one another.

The only premise for my decision to move there was that the people had been exceptionally friendly when I had passed through the year before on my way from Arizona.

It was a life-trend I had been participating in since I turned 18 -- to pack and move where the wind blew me, whenever it blew.

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