Colin egglesfield dating stephanie jacobsen

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Colin egglesfield dating stephanie jacobsen

He took drama classes to further his acting skills.

His first acting business came in the television series in 2000 called “The $treet” and went on to star in as Joshua Madden on the soap opera All My Children.

Starting off from modeling to pay for his medical school.

Dating first in March of 2014 the couple has taken many their life further as he is expected to get married soon to her.

Born in Farmington Hills, Michigan in the 9 of February 1973 he has a height of six feet.

From the descended from England, he has an ethnicity of Irish and English mixed by his parents.

The handsome man does have an extensive list of women he has dated over the years.

His current girlfriend he is dating at the moment is Malin Akerman.

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From DUI’s to drug charges, and even domestic violence, celebs in Hollywood have dealt with it all.

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