C textbox validating event not firing arab dating muslim personals site

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C textbox validating event not firing

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this will only ever be called if all client-side validation is passed.

In this case, then, the client-side validation would keep it from validating, so to test it I would have to take that [email protected], not exactly.

Client validation is designed to check for things on the client before the page is actually submitted back to the server - this is designed to reduce the load on the server. You could also call the Validate() function and read the Is Valid property from the custom validator control. Is Valid to check whether the validation passed or not.

Answer B is not correct because when an exception is raised, the code first searches for the catch block that can handle the exception. One or more catch blocks can be used with a try block, arranged in order from the most specific exception to the most general; the first matching catch block catches the exception.

Answer D is not correct because after the code in the catch block is executed, control is transferred to the next line after the catch block. Answer A is incorrect because you can associate more than one catch block with a try block.

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Answer D is incorrect because catch and finally blocks can both be used together, if desired.

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