Anniversary dating one present year

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Anniversary dating one present year

In November Jocke, Martin, Markus and Sami went to France, when they got back home they had a whole new album in their luggage. That remains to see but the band says: "We wanted to do a collection of songs where only the best melodies had a place.

It's called Lightning and is the first single from the album.

Hence, after three years of work: I'm terminating the Kent-book." Did you know that kent also has started tweeting (in Swedish).

You can find their tweets under the name @Kent The Band.

Among the objects is a 4x3 meter promotional Vapen & Ammunition back drop.

It's from the record store Bengan's in Gothenburg and was signed by all members during a record signing 2002.

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He wanted to do "Dom Andra" as well, but he didn't, I think because of the time schedule and the trouble in writing a english lyric that matches the original.

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