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When a man starts giving you ultimatums between him and them, then you’ve definitely found a needy one.

His friends no longer exist When a relationship becomes serious, it’s not uncommon for you or your man to cancel plans with others every once in a while in order to spend time together.

If a man starts giving you ultimatums such as “hang out with me or go to the mall with your friends,” then it’s obvious that he is going to be one of those clingy men.He’s always talking to you When a guy likes you and wants to let that be known, it’s not uncommon for him to send you a text message, call you, or email you to check up on you and ask how your day is going.However, you know a man is extremely needy when he stays in constant contact with you.A man who is clingy is more likely to want to fight constantly in order to make you feel inferior, which in his mind, will make you feel like you need him.He’s okay being one of the girls When it comes to dating and relationships, there is time that we spend alone, time we spend with our partners, and time we spend with our friends.

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He always misses you Even though this man is constantly around you, during those hours and days that you are apart, he floods you with messages about how he misses you, how he hates being apart, and how he can’t wait to see you next.

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